Line Card

Some of the lines we have available

logos\aervoe.jpeg   Aervoe Pacific
High quality paints and chemicals, are in stock  
logos\arp[1].gif   Altrom Group
Oem import auto parts - Our specialty
logos\arp[1].gif   ARP
An industry innovator of performance. Fasteners. Stocked at all locations, items ranging from con rod bolts to complete engine fastener kits. Non-stock items available on special order non-return basis.
logos\autometer[1].gif   Autometer
With over 40 years in the industry, Autometer offers a wide range of gauges for keeping track of your vehicles vital statistics. Budget gauge consoles to liquid filled comp gauges to tachometers to a full line of installation accessories. If we don't stock it we can order it.
logos\b_m[1].gif   B & M
B & M transmission products are available on a special order non-return basis. Ranging from stock through SFI approv. Flex plates, converters, shifters & access to complete transmissions. Call for pricing.
logos\bca.gif   Bower / BCA
Stocked in Oakland only Bower BCA Roller & Ball Bearings is one of the industries oldest and most respected names.
logos\Carter.gif   Carter
Offers fuel systems and components. Ranging from rebuild kits, floats (Carter only) with performance mech and elect Fuel pumps & AFB style carb & access. Carter also is a supplier for new replacement OEM water pumps.Eliminates hassles of returns messy cores.
logos\champion[1].gif   Champion
Champion racing plugs are available in Denver, Dallas, Oakland and Phoenix warehouses. One of the most recognized names in automotive history a variety of heat ranges/sizes available to complete your tune up. In stock items only no special orders.
logos\c&a.jpg   Childs & Albert
Performance piston rings available from one of the most recognized names in the industry. Z-GAP and DURA-MOLY in standard gap and file to fit are available in most popular sizes. Custom sets available on special order non-return basis. Full line (crank/rods/piston/bearing) also available on special order non-return basis.
logos\clev77[2].gif   Clevite
Clevite/Mich 77 bearings. Clevite offers a wide range of engine bearings that includes Rod, Mains, Cam and Thrust. Available in a variety of sizes that meet or exceed OEM specs. Also Clevite 77 Performance Bearings, plastigage, bolt boots, and assembly lube.
logos\cloyes[1].gif   Cloyes
As an OEM manufacturer as well as aftermarket supplier, Cloyes has one of the most in depth lines of coverage for timing sets & accessories. Components including dampners, guides and tensioners for both domestic and foreign applications, also available from Cloyes are heavy duty and perform timing sets for domestic applications and limited coverage on popular transfer case chains.
logos\comp[1].gif   Competition Cams
Competition Cams is the leader in performance cams. From mild replacement cams to cams for winning engines in all forms of racing Comp Cams's products perform. Comp offer a very complete line of Cams, Lifters, Springs and Valve Train Components.  
logos\crane[1].gif   Crane Cams
As one of the most recognized names in the motorsports industry, Crane Cams has a complete line of valve train related items that includes, cams (from mild to wild), lifters, springs, retainers, valve locks, lash caps, timing, push rods, rockers, etc. Non stock items or custom grind cams are available on special order non-returns basis.
logos\CHC[1].gif   Cylinder Head Ctr
Reconditioned exchange cylinder heads for most domestic and foreign applications. Saves time and money by eliminating down time looking for a new head.
logos\dampdr.gif   Damper Doctor
Reconditioned harmonic balancers for most domestic & limited foreign applications. A good source for hard to find balancers at very affordable pricing.
logos\dana2.gif   DANA
Major OEM supplier of engine parts. Dana Products under the Clevite and Perfect Circle brands.
logos\dart[1].gif   Dart Machinery
Dart and JFE are the source for aftermarket cylinder heads and blocks. In both cast iron or aluminum, heads are available (bare or complete) with various runner & combustion chamber sizes. Blocks have various bore and deck heights. Dart castings with various combinations of valves, springs etc.
logos\durabond[1].gif   DuraBond
With over 50 years in the business DuraBond seamless cam bearings are proudly featured. DB offers a full line of OEM replacement Cam and aux shaft bearings & hi performance cam bearings for most domestic engines. Also available from DB, tooling to recondition cam bores for OHC engines.
logos\edelbrock[1].gif   Edelbrock
One of the oldest and most respected names in the performance industry, Edelbrock offers a wide range of engine related items from carbs, intake manifolds, cams, timing comp, cylinder heads, and accessories including value covers & air cleaners.  
logos\elgin[1].gif   Elgin
Push rods and rocker arms for most domestic and some foreign vehicle.  


logos\enginequest.gif   Engine Quest
EngineQuest provides the industry with specialty tools, adapters and hard to find components such as timing covers, oil pans etc. Limited coverage with some items being reconditioned.
logos\fm[1].gif   Federal Mogul
Parent company for Carter, Sealed Power, TRW, Bower/BCA, Speed Pro, National Seal and FP Diesel.
logos\felpro[1].gif   Fel Pro
Fel-Pro, the world leader in OEM replacement and performance gaskets.
logos\ferrea.gif   Ferrea Valves
Manufacturer of performance stainless and titanium valves and valve train components.
logos\flexalite.gif   Flex-A-Lite
Electric Fans and Cooling System Accessories
logos\fluidampr[1].gif   Fluidampr
Performance SFI approved harmonic balancers for most domestic V-8 applications.
logos\fmo.gif   Ford Motorsport
Ford SVO internal engine components & accessory items are available as a special order non-returnable item basis.
logos\gates_logo2[1].gif   Gates
Rubber products such as belts and hoses for most foreign and domestic vehicles.
logos\goodyear2.gif   Goodyear
Belts and hoses for most foreign and domestic vehicles  
logos\hastings[1].gif   Hastings
A longtime supplier to both the OEM & Aftermarket of piston rings. Available for most domestic, foreign, and industrial applications
logos\haynes.gif   Haynes
Repair manuals based on a complete teardown & reassembly of vehicle.
logos\holley[1].gif   Holley
Fuel system components including pumps, intakes, carbs and accessories.
Carb kits and accessories for both foreign and domestic vehicle.
logos\isky.gif   Iskenderian
One of the original suppliers of aftermarket performance cams & accessories. Available for most domestic and limited foreign applications. Stocked in Denver.
logos\ITM.gif   ITM
Internal engine components for most foreign mfgs. Includes piston/rings, bearings, gaskets, valve train related items, oil pumps, timing, etc.  ITM also know as Repco.
logos\kblogo[1].gif   Kieth Black Pistons
Pistons for stock replacement to KB perf. Hypereutectic pistons.
logos\kline[1].jpeg   K-Line
Supplier of Machine shop tooling
logos\kn.jpeg   K&N
K-N is the industry leader in replacement air filters and kits for performance and mileage gains over stock OEM and common paper element filters.
logos\mahle2.gif   Mahle
Replacement pistons for most domestic diesel engines.
logos\mallory[1].gif   Mallory
Performance ignition components including wires, distributors and accessories including caps, rotors and replacement modules.


logos\manley[1].gif   Manley Performance
Performance products for the serious engine builder. Products include stainless valves, forged pistons, connecting rods, fasteners, springs, etc.
logos\manleyval.gif   Manley Valves
Part of the Dynagear family offering products to recondition cylinder heads, valves (MAN), guides & seats (HC). Foreign, domestic, and industrial applications.
logos\mcleod.gif   McLeod
Performance clutches & flywheels available on special order non-return basis.
logos\melling[1].gif   Melling
One of the largest producers of oil pumps and other internal engine components including cams, screens, timing comp, valves & accessories.
logos\microslv.gif   Micro Sleeve
Repair sleeves for harmonic balancer & crankshaft repair. Economical repair saves the cost of replacement balancers and crankshafts.
logos\milodon[1].gif   Milodon
With over 40 years in the business Milodon is a name you can trust. Products from oil pans (stock and race), screens, pumps, windage trays, and oil system accessories to fasteners, valves, timing components from chain sets to gear drives and many other quality products.
logos\mopar[1].gif   Mopar Perf
The complete line of Mopar Performance is available on special order non-return basis.
logos\moroso.gif   Moroso
logos\mr_g[1].gif   Mr. Gasket
Mr. Gasket is another line that offers a wide ranging line of performance products from gaskets, dress up accessories, fuel, & oil system components, fasteners and tools.
logos\msd[1].gif   MSD
With over 30 years producing performance ignition components MSD is the innovator not an imitator. Products include Electronic Ignition Controls, Soft Touch Rev Controls, Pro Mag systems, Blaster coils, super conductor, & Heli-core wires, flying magnet and crank trigger systems, Pro-billet distributors and ignition accessories.
logos\national.gif   National
Oil seals for most vehicles.
logos\national.gif   Pacesetter
Headers and performance exhaust   hi-flow cats for most  vehicles.
logos\Permatexlogo[1].jpeg   Permatex
Chemical sealants, adhesives and thread lock products. Makes an excellent gasket
logos\pertronix2.gif   Pertronix-Ignitor
Practically sells itself, a convenient easily installed (usually under 30 min.) Electronic ignition conversion kit that eliminates the hassles of points, while still maintaining stock appearance for old car enthusiasts. Available for domestic, foreign and industrial applications.
logos\pioneer[1].gif   Pioneer
Pioneer is a wide ranging line of popular as well as hard to find items. Includes freeze plug kits, valve train components, flexplates, ring gears, harmonic balancers, A/T filter kits, fasteners, and shop supplies.
logos\proheads.gif   Pro Cylinder Heads
Manufacturer of performance cast iron and aluminum cylinder heads and intake manifolds, Pro Cylinder Heads offers a wide selection of street and race heads. check out the  Iron and Aluminum Lightning Series heads
logos\regis.gif   Regis
Full line of shop supplies for abrasives belts & stones, cleaning brushes, reamers, etc.
logos\sachs.gif   Sachs
New clutch kits for most domestic and foreign cars & light trucks.
logos\sbi[1].gif   SBI
Replacement valves and cylinder head reconditioning parts for most foreign and domestic vehicles and some heavy duty applications. Seats, guides, springs, keepers, seals, etc.
logos\scat2.gif   Scat
Crankshafts and connecting rods for SM & BBC. Also some Ford applications from cast replacement cranks to custom forged
logos\silverseal.gif   Silver Seal
Various shop supplies from abrasives to valve spring shims.


logos\SRP2.gif   S R P Pistons
Performance forged pistons available for popular bore/stroke/rod combinations.
logos\standard.gif   Standard Ignition
Tune-up items from caps, rotors, wires, etc.
logos\tomco.gif   Tomco
Remanufactured carbs and TBI units. Also available remanufactured diesel injector pumps.  
logos\top[2].gif   Topline
Import engine components from bearings to valves. An excellent source for most Japanese cars and light trucks.
logos\totalseal.gif   Total Seal
Performance piston rings for virtually any bore sizes featuring Total Seals patented gapless rings.
  Weber Redline
Performance and stock carburetors.
logos\weiand[1].gif   Weiand
See Holley. Intake manifolds and accessories. Also complete supercharger kits.


logos\world[1].gif   World Products
New cylinder head casting for S/BBC and SB Ford applications. Also available Ford 2.9 improved design stock replacement. Saves time and money trying to find a replacement head
logos\sealedpower.gif   Sealed Power
One of Federal Mogul's premier Engine Parts Lines.
logos\speed_pro.gif   Speed Pro
Federal Mogul's Performacne Engine Parts Line, Speed Pro offers High Performance pistons, cams, bearings and other engine components.
logos\sunnen2.gif   Sunnen
Popular Sunnen abrasives, shoes, stones and honing oil.

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